Award-winning reporting solution for small businesses

At the Annual iAwards held in Brisbane in June 2018, financial reporting app, The Invisible Accountant, was recognised for its innovative technology solution for small businesses. The app is the creation of Australian tech company, Calxa, who has long been a leader in automation of management reporting for users of popular accounting systems like MYOB, Xero and QuickBooks Online.

The ‘quirky’ app was named merit recipient for the Business Services Markets category at the Queensland Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) iAwards, the nation’s leading awards program for innovation in the digital economy. AIIA CEO, Rob Fitzpatrick was glowing about the state of the industry, “Queensland has continued to produce innovative organisations and projects that shine on the national and global stage.”

Monthly financial reports direct to your inbox

The Invisible Accountant automates the delivery of management reports to business owners and their advisors, making it so easy and affordable, everyone can use it. It is set up in a few minutes by simply connecting to popular accounting systems like MYOB, Xero or QuickBooks Online. From there on everything is automated hence claiming to be “hands-free reporting”.

Making use of the core calculation and reporting capabilities developed for the Calxa reporting software over the last 10 years, The Invisible Accountant then adds automation and smart logic to provide users with insights that are truly effortless. They don’t have to remember to open an app to get their reports. They don’t need to take time out of their busy lives to find the reports they need. The reports come to them at the time and date that they have chosen.

Business consultants and accounting professionals around Australia are encouraging their clients to onboard to the app.

“What a great product for small businesses. Both educational and insightful,” Sydney cloud integrator Rhys Roberts from Cloudsolve is sold on the product. Similarly, this is echoed by Jo Threlfo from Infront Business near Newcastle, “several of my clients are hooked up to The Invisible Accountant. They love getting their monthly reports.”

A recognised financial reporting engine

Townsville born tech company, Calxa Australia, is the home and creator of the new app which launched last year. Providing its underlying financial reporting engine, The Invisible Accountant delivers automated monthly management reports directly into its customers’ inbox each month.

Calxa CEO, Mick Devine has long been zealous about providing small businesses with an easy way of getting meaningful data that better prepares them for good decision making. He believes, “good cash flow forecasts, are a key element in making decisions for sustainable growth and future planning.” “We are really keen to reach small businesses to start using the app and become more resilient to economic fluctuations as they can better plan for their cash flow. This award recognition is a great step towards giving The Invisible Accountant more visibility in the market place.”

About Calxa

The creators of The Invisible Accountant are the seasoned Calxa Team who use the same innovative technology to power this app. The big goal of The Invisible Accountant is for small businesses to get more out of their numbers and get them thinking about their business without spending hours sweating over spreadsheets. This easy-to-use app delivers genuine ‘hands-free’ management reporting. It’s really quite magical!

The tech company is based out of Townsville, North Queensland, Australia.


For more information please contact:

Mick Devine, CEO
Calxa Australia Pty Ltd
Phone: +61 433 77 88 05