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You’re Breaking my Heart

G'day How did we get here? Looks like we’ve been disconnected and your QuickBooks Online is no longer talking to The Invisible Accountant. Unfortunately, this means I won't be able to deliver your monthly reports. And worse, you won’t be able to get the insight into...

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Profit & Loss Forecast

The Profit and Loss Forecast report is the one for monitoring trends. It will show you actual results for completed months of the year and the budget for the remainder – and a projection of where you’re likely to be at the end of the financial year. What should you...

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The Net Worth Chart

What do the bars and lines mean? What do people mean when they talk about net worth or net equity. Let me explain. Total Assets The first of the bars is your Total Assets. These are (in non-technical accounting speak) the things your business owns. This includes the...

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Budget Summary

This is the one we sometimes call the Measuring Report. It looks at your performance for the current month and shows how you’ve measured up to your budget. It then does the same for the year to date as that will smooth out anything that’s just a timing difference....

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Your Cashflow Forecast Chart

Each month, your cashflow forecast chart will give you a prediction of your bank balance month by month into the future. How do I read the chart? The line is the important element – that is the prediction of the bank balance. It will give you warning of potential...

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