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A Cover Page with your logo
Five management charts and reports
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Cover Page

I'll put your logo on the reports - it makes them yours!

This helps too if you send the reports to your bank manager or accountant, they’ll know exactly whose numbers these are.


Cashflow Forecast

Each month, your cashflow forecast chart will give you a prediction of your bank balance month by month into the future.

The line is the important element – that is the prediction of the bank balance. It will give you warning of potential problems.


Actual vs Budget Report

Sometimes called the Measuring Report. It looks at your performance for the current month and shows how you’ve measured up to your budget.

It then does the same for the year to date as that will smooth out anything that’s just a timing difference.

Showing you next month’s budget and the full year budget, it is the perfect report to keep your finger on the pulse.


Profit & Loss Forecast Report

The Profit and Loss Forecast report is the one for monitoring trends.

It will show you actual results for completed months of the year and the budget for the remainder.

The cherry on the cake here is the additional projection of where you’re likely to be at the end of the financial year.


Where Did Our Money Go?

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

You’ve been watching the sales roll in, you’ve been keeping a close eye on expenses and your month end report shows a healthy profit. But there’s nothing in the bank!

How does that happen?

This report helps you to understand what will cause the timing differences (and almost always they are timing differences – making a profit will increase your bank balance eventually!)


Net Worth Chart

The line on the chart represents your Net Equity - the difference between your Total Assets and Total Liabilities. It represents your stake in the business.

The chart starts at the beginning of your financial year, showing the actual result for each month and the budget for future months. You want to see this line trending upwards!


Income to Budget Chart

Comparing your actual income to budget gives you a good idea of how you are trading.

It answers things like "Are you selling more than previously?".

Where the green bars are higher than the yellow ones, you're having a good month.


KPI Comparison Chart

Once in a while, I like to drop these ratios into your bonus pack.

Debt Ratio, Debt to Equity Ratio and Working Capital Ratio are great indicators used as an early-warning signal of upcoming cashflow problems. 

Monitor them and watch the trends. If they're heading the wrong way, get advice – before it’s too late!


Cumulative Net Profit to Budget

This chart gives you the reason to get up in the morning.

It displays your net profit for the year-to-date compared to your budget.

When the bar is higher than the black line, you're doing well.


I work in the cloud

Links to online accounting software like QuickBooks Online, Xero, MYOB Essentials, and MYOB AccountRight.


Your data is secure

Your data is kept secure and private, like your bank. Check out our Terms & Conditions  and  Privacy Policy.

I'm automatic (and smart)

No need to set a budget. We’ll create one from your actuals based on the previous financial year.

Get Started for just a Few Bucks

I can organise your monthly subscription in AUD, NZD, GBP, EUR or USD


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You can rest assured that you’re getting professional-quality reports for a fraction of the cost. Calxa is a financial reporting tool used by accountants and both small and medium businesses around the world.

What you need to get started

a) All in the Cloud

Your accounts are in the cloud so I can connect. Xero, QuickBooks, MYOB Essentials, & MYOB AccountRight.

b) Data for last year

You have data for the previous year which I use to create an auto-budget, so that you don’t have to do anything.

c) nothing else

Nothing else do to – don’t lift a finger. I have everything I need to deliver you business insights automatically.

What I can't do for you

Can't change your budget

To make this process as easy on you as possible, I create an auto-budget based on your last financial year’s figures. If you want to have input into your budget, then you should look at Calxa.

Can't change the reports

You can re-run the reports at any time after you tweaked your accounts data. What you can’t do is change the reports or their sequence – I make that decision for you.

It's the price of automation

All this may sound like I’m inflexible. But I have formulated this for you based on my experience with small businesses. The way I see it: it’s better to do something than not do it at all.


Cancel Anytime

Our relationship is month-to-month. If you want to break up with me, we can part our ways any time you like – just say the word and I will disconnect and stop the payments. No hard feelings.


Your numbers are safe

No-one else will see your numbers, they are safely tucked away on Microsoft’s Azure servers. I have a firm privacy policy and just so you know, your data is deleted 30 days after cancelling your subscription.

Only the best technology

Calxa is the underlying technology. It was recently voted the most favourite app with accountants and bookkeepers. So I know I can deliver the most accurate reports – on time, every time.

I work closely with Accountants & Bookkeepers

You connect to your client files
I’m reliable on the same day each month
I do all the work and make you look good
I don’t have a client portal but I’m working on it
I do the analysis and come up with the insights
You can send a copy to yourself as well
But you can stop me any time, no hard feelings
It’s quite easy to add more clients

I love my customers as much as they love me

What a great product for small businesses. Both educational and insightful.

Rhys Roberts

Founder, CloudSolve

Several of my clients are hooked up to The Invisible Accountant. They love getting their monthly reports.

Jo Threlfo

Owner, Infront Business

Got some questions for me? No problem

Can I cancel any time?
Yes. There is no minimum sign up period. Your payment is for one month at the time. Just log in to the app to cancel your subscription any time you like. Your report data will be deleted after 30 days.
What accounting system do i need?
The Invisible Accountant links to cloud accounting systems only. For it to work, your accounts need to be on QuickBooks Online, Xero, MYOB Essentials or MYOB AccountRight.
How do I change my budgets?
You can’t. Your budgets are created automatically based on your previous financial year data. There is no way of changing this in The Invisible Accountant but you should check out Calxa which has more flexibility.
Can I get my reports whenever I want?
Yes. You can re-run the reports or change the delivery schedule by logging in to the app whenever you like.
Can I share my reports?
Yes. Just log in to the app and add additional email addresses as needed.