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About the Invisible Accountant

The big goal of The Invisible Accountant is for small businesses to get more out of their numbers and get them thinking about their business without spending hours sweating over spreadsheets.

This easy-to-use app delivers genuine  ‘handsfree’ management reporting.

It’s really quite magical!


The Calxa Connection

The creators of The Invisible Accountant are the seasoned Calxa Team who use the same innovative technology to power this app.

Why I Exist

Small Businesses  have a big job to do. They are ‘jack of all trades’ working in the business. They are the CEO, the Service Department, the Marketers, the HR Expert… you get the idea. So there is not much time left to work on the business. I am here to help with business insights, so the owner can make some guided and informed decisions about their future.

The Vision

Make access to management reporting so easy and affordable, it is a no-brainer for small businesses.

The Mission

Give small businesses better insight.

The Values

The brand represents our values. Useful. Uncomplicated. Fun.

Useful = Relevance
Uncomplicated = Easily say what the user gets
Fun = Playful, Personalised

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